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Workers can and should enjoy their work if they can get personal satisfaction from it and do it in a pleasant and safe environment. So if we've created the best workplace possible, the natural result of that is happy employees making customers happy, which usually has a positive effect on the bottom line, making it easier to improve the work environment. That's a win all the way around, and it's exciting to keep that wheel turning. Every worker has right to a safe and healthy workplace and everyone has responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, to the extent that they have the authority and ability to do so. Everyone has a personal and shared responsibility to work together cooperatively to prevent workplace injuries and illness.
Mission Statement: 
The European Society of Safety Engineers was founded to represent, promote and establish international cooperation between safety engineers. It aims at contributing to the development of the profession and the science of safety.
Our campaign pledge: 
Promotion of campaign and cooperation with stakeholders in OSH field which aims to raise awareness of safe and healthy workplaces for every worker
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