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European Industrial Gases Association

Employers’ organisation
Secretary General
EIGA is committed to promote the objectives and goals of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign and to further improve the health and safety of all workers in our industry throughout its network of 130 member companies and 25 national associations.
Mission Statement: 
EIGA is committed to accomplish the following mission:

To maintain the highest level of safety and concern for the environment at work and in the community.

To provide Authorities and Standardisation bodies with expert advice on production, transport, storage and applications of industrial and medical gases.

To promote consistency of safety, health, environmental and technical standards throughout the industrial gas industry.
Our campaign pledge: 
EIGA's core focus is to improve the health and safety of the 50.000 workers in our industry and those our members come into contact with. Our primary aims and activities are to identify opportunities to improve health and safety performance and develop guidance in the form of publications (available to all) and seminars to share learning, experience and good practices. We also harmonise our guidance and activities with national, European and international standards bodies and similar regional associations in our industry around the world. We will use this experience and net work to promote the aims, objectives and materials of the campaign.
European Industrial Gases Association
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