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Europe's workforce is ageing and public sector workers are no exception to this general trend. In many health professions e.g. the average age is 45+. In order to create effective recruitment and retention conditions for public administrations, municipalities, the energy, water and waste sectors as well as for health care and social services, increased and sustained efforts are needed to ensure healthy and safe working conditions throughout working life.
For EPSU the prevention, reduction and elimination of musculoskeletal disorders, of occupational cancers, of stress at the workplace are key priorities. They are part of good working conditions and work places. Unions and work place representatives also in public services tackle these issues. Workers and employers can and should act together to identify and eradicate the causes of these and other health and safety hazards. This means paying attention to work organisation, to work loads and to an often increasing work intensity. I hope that the EU OSHA ''Healthy Workplaces for All Ages'' campaign will be instrumental to make progress. EPSU expects the campaign to raise awareness to improve prevention throughout all ages and workplaces. It will promote social-partner based actions. It can stimulate legislative initiatives to improve the health and safety of the workers and users of public service.
Mission Statement: 
EPSU is the European Federation of Public Service Unions. The over 265 EPSU affiliates in about 45 countries organise around 8 million public service workers in the energy, water and waste sectors, in health and social services and in local and national administration in all European countries including in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood. EPSU is the recognised EU-level sectorial social dialogue partner on the trade union side for the sectors of central government, electricity, gas, hospitals/health care and local and regional government. EPSU is member of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the recognised regional organisation of Public Services International (PSI). EPSU promotes the interests of workers in public services for the sectors mentioned above and of their trade unions in Europe. The principles of equal rights and opportunities and of gender equality are central to EPSU’s work. EPSU also promotes a social Europe, through labour market, social and economic policies to advance social justice and decent work, employment and social inclusion, quality public services for all and social dialogue at all levels.
Our campaign pledge: 
''EPSU supports the EU OSHA’s Campaign “Healthy Workplaces for All Ages”. We will distribute and promote the campaign throughout our activities and including the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee. We will pay attention to the campaign via our website and in EPSU’s Newsletter. We foresee to organise a seminar dedicated to the campaign topic either in the context of a planned joined project with HOSPEEM or as a thematic seminar in the framework of a regular meeting of the sectoral social dialogue committee in the hospital sector in 2017. The event should help the social partners in the hospital sector to further exchange on good practice in the form of public policies or social partner-based initiatives to prevent, manage and reduce health and safety risks linked to an ageing workforce. EU-OSHA will be invited to play a role in the event. EPSU’s work on healthy workplaces for all ages builds on the ''Joint EPSU-HOSPEEM guidelines and examples of good practice to address the challenges of an ageing workforce in the healthcare sector'' signed in December 2013 ( It is further based on the conclusions and recommendations of a joint EPSU-HOSPEEM report on the implementation and use of the EPSU-HOSPEEM “Framework of Actions Recruitment and Retention” (2010) finalised in December 2015 ( The examples and policy recommendations of a project identifying social partner-based action to address the challenges related to an ageing workforce in health care will feed into the project as well. It involved EPSU affiliates from Germany, The Netherlands, Serbia and the United Kingdom. EPSU will continue to contribute (via the ETUC) to the on-going negotiations between the cross-sectoral social partners’ on an “autonomous framework agreement on active ageing and intergenerational solidarity”.
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