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European Association of Paritarian Institutions

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Together for healthy, inclusive and sustainable workplaces in Europe
Mission Statement: 
AEIP represents the European Paritarian Institutions of Social Protection in Brussels since 1997. The Association gathers 27 leading large and medium-sized Social Protection Management Organizations which equally represent the employees and the employers through a joint governance scheme; plus 39 affiliates from 22 countries

AEIP represents its members’ values and interests at the level of both European and International Institutions. In particular, AEIP - through its working groups - deal with EU coordinated pension schemes, pension funds, healthcare schemes, unemployment schemes, provident schemes and paid holiday schemes. The final goal of AEIP is to achieve pan-European paritarian schemes of social protection.

Owing to the quality of its members and to the delegation of powers conferred to its Board, AEIP aims at becoming the leading body for the promotion of balanced paritarian social protection systems in Europe. AEIP promotes and develops programs and orientations aiming at the sustainability of paritarian social protection systems at local level taking into account the national specificities aiming at ensuring social cohesion in Europe.

Based thereon, AEIP prepares recommendations, proposes local programs and influences European decisions to safeguard and promote the interests of its members. AEIP thinks ahead and anticipate modern paritarian social protection systems that take into account changing economic and societal pattern. It furthermore seeks to find a new balance between and across generations.
Our campaign pledge: 
AEIP will establish strategic partnerships to promote the campaign objectives, especially in the context of occupational mental health, prevention and healthy ageing. Within its current joint activities, AEIP will incorporate the campaign messages and actions, in order to contribute to the campaign visibility and outreach.

In particular, AEIP is committed to:
• disseminating and publicising campaign materials to help raise awareness of OSH;
• addressing and promoting the campaign objectives in its activities and events
• promoting the practical age-management tools available;
• participating in the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards;
• taking part in the European Weeks for Safety and Health at Work of 2016 and 2017;
European Association of Paritarian Institutions
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