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Michael GASSEN
Delphi is committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee as one of our core values. We believe it is a leadership responsibility to implement actions to help our employees realize a healthy and injury-free workplace. We recognize through training and knowledge of our practices we can also enhance the personal lives of employees and their families.
Mission Statement: 
At Delphi, our shared company vision is to be recognized by our customers as their best supplier. Achieving that vision requires us to have a deep passion for excellence, a passion to exceed our customers' expectations at every opportunity. Delphi's Foundation for Excellence -- and the Delphi Principles -- provide the cultural framework to guide our actions.
Our campaign pledge: 
within Europe only we can reach thousand of employees and even more as we extend invitation and participation from respective families. Regular communication and initiatives.
Polo Tecnologico de LisboaEstrada do Paco do Lumiar, Lote 4
General phone: 
+351 217 101 523
Main Contact: 
Fernando LOPES
Health and safety representative: 
Fernando LOPES