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Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre

Employers’ organisation
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Marie-Christine RIBERA
Director General
Sugar companies continue to develop, in cooperation with trade
unions, new good social practices, and continue to invest in the promotion of employees’ health and well-being.
Mission Statement: 
CEFS stands for le Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre, or in English: the European Association of Sugar Manufacturers.

CEFS is an international non-profit organisation and a recognised interlocutor for the EU Institutions since 1953, sharing knowledge and technical expertise on sugar.

CEFS’ membership is composed of sugar-producing companies in the EU and Switzerland.

CEFS works inter alia to:

* Facilitate the joint analysis and resolution of problems relating to market management, nutrition, environment and sustainability, and trade.

* Carry out studies relating to agricultural and technological problems connected with the sugar industry.

* Organise meetings of a scientific and/or technical nature.

* Collect, to this effect, information of a statistical or documentary nature.

* Ensure the representation of members’ interests towards the European and international institutions.
Our campaign pledge: 
CEFS is committed to promoting the campaign at every opportunity, in particular through its Social Dialogue with EFFAT.

CEFS is committed to properly communicating the benefits of the campaign to its members.
Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre
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