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Become a campaign media partner


Raise your media organisation’s profile within the extensive occupational safety and health (OSH) community. Gain recognition of your publication as one of the official EU-OSHA campaign media partners and as an organisation dedicated to occupational safety and health at work.


Reach out to EU-OSHA’s networks and stakeholders in Europe and worldwide, get in contact with OSH experts and exchange experiences with peers.


The logo and description of your publication will be placed in the media partners section of this site. You will gain early access to press material and we’ll promote your articles through web and social media.

Our media partners work with us to raise awareness about the campaign topics, using their various channels to advertise and promote the campaign. Our media partners comprise an exclusive pool of journalists and editors from all over Europe interested in promoting occupational safety and health.

Partnership is reserved for media outlets or publications which are willing and able to get substantially involved in the campaign.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a media partner and how to apply, see the campaign media partnership offer (in English only).

Become a campaign media partner

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David Mairal

David Mairal, Aragon Valley


“The media partnership with the Agency provides me with specialised content such as reports, research articles, infographics and tools that feed my main motivation for blogging, which is to learn and share knowledge. It is a win-win loop!”

Iris Cepero

Iris Cepero, Safety Management magazine


“The partnership has raised the profile of the magazine at European level and has contributed to increasing our networking activities. In fact, we are now part of a group of European publications that pride themselves of campaigning for better occupational health and safety practices.”

James Twigg

James Twigg,


“Engaging with EU-OSHA as a media partner gives us the opportunity to help the agency make Europe's workplaces healthier, safer and more productive. We are also grateful for the exposure and networking opportunities the partnership provides our organisation.”


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