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Over 100 partners across Europe committed to Healthy Workplaces for All Ages

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has confirmed the first wave of official campaign and media partners to join its 2016-17 pan-European campaign, Healthy Workplaces for All Ages. The network of official campaign partners is made up of European and international companies and organisations representing a variety of sectors including employers’ and workers’ federations, technology platforms, non-governmental organisations and multinationals. Campaign media partners have also joined to help raise awareness via their publications and the Internet.

The Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign focuses on sustainable working lives in the context of Europe’s ageing workforce. Prevention throughout the working life is a key message, with risk assessment as the basis of preventing workplace accidents and diseases, combined with rehabilitation, return to work and life-long learning.


Dr Christa Sedlatschek, Director of EU-OSHA, explained the importance of the campaign partners: ’27 % of EU workers think that they would not be able to do the same job until the age of 60. We need to improve the working lives of all generations of workers, promoting sustainable work and healthy ageing. And risk prevention will be the core of this. By joining the 2016-17 campaign, organisations can lead by example and be at the forefront of implementing practical solutions for age management in the workplace. Their input is essential for bringing the campaign to the broadest audience possible.’


The first wave of official campaign partners to get on board is largely made up of organisations that have renewed their commitment following their successful participation in the 2014-15 Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress campaign. They stand to benefit from the many advantages that the partnership offers including increased visibility, campaign tools and materials, networking and learning exchange.


In explaining their expectations as an official campaign partner, Luca VISENTINI, General Secretary of ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation), said that: ‘ETUC expects the campaign to raise awareness on the necessity of involving workers and safety committees to improve prevention throughout ages and workplaces and of the need for actions on the legislative level to improve working conditions in Europe.’


Regarding his organisation’s participation in the campaign, Markus J. BEYRER, Director General of BUSINESSEUROPE, said that: ‘We need to look at how workers can remain in employment longer, in good health, and productive over the course of their working lives. At the same time, we should avoid generalising and stereotyping people according to age. We hope that the campaign will assist employers by providing them with useful information and tools in this respect.’


Official campaign partners also have the opportunity to partake in numerous events and activities, among which is the chance to compete in the special campaign partners’ category for the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards. Good practice exchange events organised by the partners themselves will also be held regularly throughout the campaign. They are an occasion for organisations to discuss and learn from each other about successful OSH management practices in relation to ageing in the workplace.


The campaign foresees a second wave of partners coming on board in autumn 2016. EU-OSHA encourages interested parties to apply online until September 2016.


The media partners who have joined the campaign so far comprise journalists and editors involved in OSH across Europe, who use their networks and print, online and social media channels to help promote the campaign and its messages. They also organise events, include campaign material in training courses, promote the European Good Practice Awards competition and encourage nominations.




2016-17 Official campaign partners:

  1. Acciona Energia
  2. aeris GmbH
  3. AGE Platform Europe
  5. ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions SA
  6. B·A·D Gesundheitsvorsorge und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
  7. Baxter
  9. Campofrio Food Group
  10. International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations (CEOC International)
  11. Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre (CEFS)
  12. Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community (COTANCE)
  13. Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries (CEEMET )
  14. DEKRA Insight
  15. DuPont Sustainable Solutions
  16. Electrocomponents plc
  17. Employee Assistance European Forum (EAEF)
  18. EuroCommerce
  19. EuroHealthNet
  20. European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology (EAOHP)
  21. European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV)
  22. European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP)
  23. European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI)
  24. European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC)
  25. European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS)
  26. European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF)
  27. European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW)
  28. European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS)
  29. European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)
  30. European Hospital and Healthcare Employers' Association (HOSPEEM)
  31. European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA)
  32. European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR)
  33. European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations (ENSHPO)
  34. European Operating Room Nurses Association (EORNA)
  35. European Public Law Organization (EPLO)
  36. European Safety Federation (ESF)
  37. European Salt's Producers Association (EUSALT)
  38. European Society of Safety Engineers (ESSE)
  39. European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG)
  40. European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (ETPIS)
  41. European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE)
  42. European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
  43. European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF)
  44. European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management (EU-Vri)
  45. FCC Citizen Services
  46. Federación Iberoamericana de Asociaciones de Psicología (FIAP)
  47. Federation of Occupational Health Nurses within the European Union (FOHNEU)
  48. Federation of the European Ergonomic Societies (FEES)
  49. Gas Natural Fenosa
  50. Generali Employee Benefits Network (GEB)
  51. Heineken International
  52. HP Inc
  53. Iberdrola
  54. Ideal Standard International
  55. International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM)
  56. International Federation of Musicians (FIM)
  57. International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)
  58. International Safety and Health Construction Coordinators Organization (ISHCCO)
  59. Medicover
  60. OMV
  61. ORCHSE Strategies, LLC
  62. Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health (PEROSH)
  63. Pirelli & C
  64. PSYA
  65. SAP SE
  66. SEAT S.A
  67. Siemens AG
  68. Sofidel S.p.A.
  69. Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME)
  70. Toyota Material Handling Europe
  71. European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (UEAPME)
  72. UEMS Occupational Medicine section
  73. UNI Europa
  74. ZF TRW Active & Passive Safety Technology

2016-17 Campaign media partners:

  1. ABEO News
  2. ActuEL-HSE
  3. Aragon Valley
  4. Bezpečná Práca
  5. Das Büro
  7. euroXpress
  8. Face au Risque
  9. Formacion de SEGURIDAD LABORAL
  10. Gesunde Arbeit
  11. Health & Safety Times
  12. HMSmagasinet
  13. ISSA Mining Newsletter
  14. MaintWorld magazine
  16. PrevenBlog
  17. Prevention World
  18. Promotor BHP
  19. Proteger
  20. PuntoSicuro
  21. Quotidiano Sicurezza
  22. Reputation Today
  23. Revista Segurança
  24. rhsaludable
  25. Safety Focus
  26. Safety Management
  27. Segurança Comportamental
  28. Trinacria News

[1] “27 % of European workers don’t think they will be able to do the same job at 60"Eurofound (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions) (2015), ‘Sixth European working conditions survey - 2015’.

Notes to editor: 

The Healthy Workplaces for All Ages 2016-17 campaign raises awareness of the importance of good occupational safety and health management and risk prevention throughout the working life and of tailoring work to individual abilities — whether at the start of a worker’s career or at its close. Like previous Healthy Workplaces Campaigns, it is coordinated at national level by EU-OSHA’s focal points and supported by official campaign and media partners.

The campaign is launched on 15 April 2016. Key dates in the campaign calendar include the European Weeks for Safety and Health at Work (October 2016 and 2017) and the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards ceremony (April 2017). The campaign will end with the Healthy Workplaces Summit (November 2017), when all those who have contributed to the campaign will come together with EU-OSHA to take stock of the campaign’s achievements and the lessons learnt.


The 2-year Healthy Workplaces Campaigns are carried out in over 30 European countries and are recognised as the largest occupational safety and health campaigns of their kind in the world. Their core message is that successful management of workplace safety and health is good for workers, business and society as a whole.


The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) contributes to making Europe a safer, healthier and more productive place to work. The Agency researches, develops, and distributes reliable, balanced, and impartial safety and health information and organises pan-European awareness raising campaigns. Set up by the European Union in 1994 and based in Bilbao, Spain, the Agency brings together representatives from the European Commission, Member State governments, employers’ and workers’ organisations, as well as leading experts in each of the EU-28 Member States and beyond.

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