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Norway: Senior + work = smart!

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As with several other Western countries, Norway faces a substantial increase in the aging population. This situation will persist for years to come and will influence the organization of society and the welfare state.

Senior policy is one of many components of a comprehensive personnel policy, but often senior policy is still considered an isolated exercise to be applied to a particular group of employees. For many years, both businesses and research focused mainly on more time off work and higher wages to motivate older workers for prolonged employment. Is that really enough? Is not senior policy a task that should permeate the entire enterprise? Managers on all levels, HR personnel and individual employees all have a role to play to succeed in creating an active senior policy. It is important to create an interaction between generations with different characteristics, and establish a good working environment to succeed in creating a sustainable aging in the workplace.

The seminar shall inspire and motivate you to:
• address senior politics at your own workplace
• establish senior politics as a natural and integrated part of the HR-strategy at your workplace
• recognize seniors as a valuable resource for the workplace – and vice versa

• «Healthy workplaces for all ages» - Ingrid Finboe Svendsen, Director General, The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
• «Ready for new perspectives on senior workers?» - Kari Østerud, Director of Center for senior politics
• «Socioeconomic gains by extended working lives» – Terje Strøm, Economist, NyAnalyse
• «Good HR- and management strategies for long careers» - Hans Christoffer Aargaard Terjesen, researcher, Centre for Welfare and Labour Research
• «Best practice example» - Sissel Vien, HR-director, Siemens
• Debate

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The seminar will be in Norwegian.

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the social partners
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