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Latvia - How to increase safety and health awareness internally by targeting employees of all ages

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This event aims to improve communication measures on Occupational Safety and Health at work and explain how to target different generations of employees.

The event kicks off with an introduction on the OSH communication channels currently used in Latvia, emphasising practical examples from companies. Speakers base their presentation on data from 3 surveys related to working conditions and risks in Latvia from 2006, 2010 and 2013, showcasing the communication between employers (or their representatives) and employees.

Speakers illustrate how to raise awareness on workplace accidents internally by using photos, posters, e-tools and games. They also present how companies in other countries use different communication measures to increase employee engagement and highlight how these companies address different age groups, for example by choosing the right channel.

As a good practice example, a representative of a Latvian company with many employees aged 50+, explains their internal communication measures. The event concludes with a hands-on session to create internal communication plans fitting to the age composition of different companies.


  • Linda Matisāne, National Focal Point Manager, Valsts darba inspekcija
  • Dace Helmane, Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility
  • Toms Kalnītis, Internal communications, Latvijas Dzelzceļš
Valsts darba inspekcija
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