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The 2017 European Week for Safety and Health at Work reaches record audiences across Europe!

It was another fantastic year for the European Week for Safety and Health at Work with events and activities taking place from Portugal in the South, to Finland in the North and Romania in the East. Conferences, infopoints, seminars and workshops across the continent were dedicated to promoting healthy ageing and sustainable work for all ages. Engagement on social media also reached record levels!


Throughout the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign, EU-OSHA’s national focal points, official campaign partners and media partners have very actively supported the campaign. This support continued during the European Week with many partners hosting events dedicated to the campaign and its themes. Many of them were promoted via a dedicated Facebook page or compiled on EU-OSHA’s Storify page.

Many national focal points (Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania and Cyprus) held closing conferences to discuss the results of the campaign. Others decided to focus on more specific topics, such as in Germany where an awareness-raising event was held to encourage debate on the intensification of workloads and the increasing speed and automation at work.

In Norway, the national focal point did a live online streaming on occupational safety and health in the industrial sector. Participants learnt how to provide good training to reduce illness, accidents and injuries at work. There was also a focus on personal and professional development, to incite employees to stay in the job as long as possible. IOSH, EU-OSHA’s official campaign partner in the UK also held a webinar to discuss the campaign and help attendees develop their understanding of an ageing workforce.

Workshops also took place, including in Spain where, among more than 40 campaign events spread across the country, the National Institute for Safety, Health and Well-being at Work (INSSBT) highlighted the impact of the digital revolution that’s happening, especially in terms of new forms of employment in Europe and the new ways of organising work. In particular, the workshop explained how companies can take advantage of this digital revolution and use new technologies in the context of an ageing workforce. Italian media partner Safety Focus also held a workshop with a focus on sports office techniques designed to improve workers health and encourage safe working styles. See all campaign events here.

Many companies, organisations, institutions and individuals got involved through social media, with over 600 tweets using the #EUHealthyWorkplaces hashtag during the week. You can see highlights of how people got involved on the Storify page.

The European Week was a great chance to bring together the network of partners, workers and employers to exchange best practices. The work done will be vital for achieving the Europe 2020 strategy’s aim of having 75% of the EU population aged 20-64 in employment. Partners also came together to talk about their experiences of the campaign over the last 2 years, which will inform the discussions that will happen at the Health Workplaces Summit in Bilbao next month.

To find out more about safety and health at work visit the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign website, and don’t forget to follow the campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, using the hashtag #EUhealthyworkplaces to keep up to date with the latest news and events. You can subscribe to our newsletter via the campaign website