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Regional Secretary at UNI Europa
We all know that Europe cannot succeed socially without unions! Best health & safety protection is law: not deregulation and privatisation.
UNI Europa is a European trade union federation. It unites trade unions representing the services and skills sectors in 50 different countries. With over 320 affiliated trade union organisations, UNI europa represents seven million workers. European integration and globalisation means that trade unions can no longer be effective if they work solely at only the local or national levels. In order to secure better conditions for their members, unions representing workers in specific industries must act together across Europe and even internationally.
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UNI Europa will engage in fruitful social dialogue at the European level as well as company level to spread a culture of health and safety rights for all irrespective of age and by fighting discrimination based on age on workplaces through an active collaboration with its members affiliated organisations. it will advocate for better law enforcement and for specific provisions regarding elderly workers especially through law and collective agreements
UNI Europa
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