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General Electric

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Výroba a rozvod elektřiny, plynu, tepla a klimatizovaného vzduchu
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President GE Renewables EMEA
EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) is a critical focus area for GE Renewable Energy. While business growth, revenues and profit are key deliverables for our stakeholders, nothing of the above can be achieved without a solid H&S policy and execution as well as an outstanding quality management system

GE Renewable Energy pursues the best Health and Safety standards and is an active member of GLOBAL WIND ORGANIZATION, advising and leading industry in H&S competency requirements

EHS is important for the company, for our employees and contractors, same as it is for our customers and community
GE works connecting people and ideas everywhere to create advanced technologies for a better world. Solving our customers' toughest challenges is at the center of our business, as we build powerful partnerships that help achieve mutual growth and success. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the company continues to invest in breakthrough ideas to help our customers be more competitive and strengthen local capability to support economic growth.
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We will ensure visibility of the campaign and in general EU OSHA through regular contacts with employees, contractors, customers and industry partners
General Electric
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