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Практически инструменти и насоки

Разнообразните въпроси, свързани със застаряването на работната сила — от насърчаването на здравето на работното място до политиките за връщане на работа и съобразена с разнообразието оценка на риска — може да изглеждат много трудни за разрешаване, но съществуват ресурси, които могат да ви помогнат да вземете правилните решения. Тук представяме някои практически инструменти и насоки, разработени на национално, европейско и международно равнище, с цел да се помогне на организациите и по-конкретно на малките и средни предприятия успешно да управляват застаряващата работна ръка и да предприемат положителни действия за свеждане на риска до минимум, дори и с ограничен бюджет.

Инструменти и насоки за Български

Occupational rehabilitation, guidance, training and employment for people with disabilities

This guidance document aims to encourage social and labour market inclusion of people with disabilities through partnership between non-governmental organisations, municipalities, private businesses and employment offices. It includes examples of best practice from both Bulgaria and Belgium. The...Вижте още

National Federation of Employers of Enterprises Employing Disabled Persons (Bulgaria, Knowledge Centre Social Europe; Belgium, Association ‘Horizons’)
  • Guidance document

Други инструменти на английски Eзик

Towards a crown plan: route map for a successful third career stage

The objective of the ‘Kroonplan’ (or crown plan) is to involve employers and employees in small and medium-sized enterprises in making the working phase leading up to (pre)retirement as enjoyable and productive as possible. The route map requires active reflection on the part...Вижте още

  • Нидерландия
StAZ (Servicepunt Arbeidsmarkt mkb — Service point Labour market mkb)
  • Route map/action plan

With age, with advantages — workshops for employers

This project involves both workshops and good practice guidance. Its aim was to raise awareness and improve practical knowledge among employers and human resources managers about managing older workers. It is divided into three modules: ‘age management — the strategy of a successful company’, ‘...Вижте още

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, in collaboration with the University of Warsaw (with financial support of the EU)
  • Workshops/good practice guidance

Toolkit - Promoting age diversity and age management strategies in the electricity industry

This toolkit presents company case studies demonstrating good practice, which can be used by employees, trade unions and workers’ and employer’s representatives in the electricity industry to address issues arising from demographic change. Practical tools and guidance are also provided, covering...Вижте още

European Electricity Sector Social Dialogue Committee — EURELECTRIC (The Union of the Electricity Industry), EPSU (European Federation of Public Service Unions) and EMCEF (European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers’ Federation)
  • Toolkit