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The law obliges employers to treat workers equally and prohibits discrimination based on age or disability. But to ensure full equality in practice, this often translates to employers adopting specific measures to level the playing field, including...
Discrimination against older people has its roots in negative age stereotypes, prejudices and perceptions of older people. When surveyed 45% of people in the EU consider discrimination against people over 55 to be widespread. The Eurobarometer on active ageing highlights that ‘workplace age discrimination is the most widespread form of age discrimination with one in five citizens having personally experienced or witnessed it’. Policies and measures aimed at preventing age discrimination can...Zobacz więcej
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Protecting the interests of all workers, regardless of age, is particularly important in the context of the European Pillar of Social Rights , which aims to deliver rights such as equal opportunities and fair working conditions; for example, one of its 20 principles is ‘Workers have the right to a working environment adapted to their professional needs and which enables them to prolong their participation in the labour market.’ At the request of the European Parliament, EU-OSHA carried out a 3-...Zobacz więcej
Improving a workplace’s ergonomics can have a positive effect on reducing physical burdens and psychosocial risks for staff, which can help older workers to stay in their roles for longer. Two of this year’s Good Practice Award winners, Continental...
Companies looking to retain older workers and reduce workplace absences have recognised the importance of ergonomics . It can help employers in all sectors to optimise their working systems and reduce physical, environmental and psychosocial risks, and in turn, reduce absenteeism and early retirement . VitaS , a social care sector employer from Belgium, got an occupational safety and health (OSH) expert on board to carry out ergonomic assessments at its various sites to identify areas where...Zobacz więcej
The last 1 June, the Ergonomics Association of the Comunidad Valenciana (ErgoCV) celebrated the 6th Edition of the Ergonomics and Psychosociology Conferences focused on the keys to reach a healthy ageing at work.
The last 1 June, the Ergonomics Association of the Comunidad Valenciana (ErgoCV) celebrated the 6th Edition of the Ergonomics and Psychosociology Conferences focused on the keys to reach a healthy aging at work. The event was attended by a large number of experts from the Instituto Asturiano de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales, the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) and the Centro Nacional de Condiciones de Trabajo (CNCT) of the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo (...Zobacz więcej
The European Pillar of Social Rights, presented by the European Commission last April, is about delivering new and more effective rights for citizens. Many of its aims are shared by the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign, which plays a key...
The European Pillar of Social Rights consists of 20 principles covering equal opportunities and access to labour market; fair working conditions; and social protection and inclusion. The Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign supports these principles, most notably through its collection and dissemination of good practices, and by supporting the sharing of experiences. For example, the principle concerning the right of workers to a high level of protection of their health and safety at work...Zobacz więcej
The EU’s population and workforce are ageing. This has implications for employment, working conditions, living standards and welfare. How should we respond to these challenges? A new report, coordinated by EU-OSHA, shows how information from four agencies can support policy-making that is both complementary and greater than the sum of its parts. The report draws on the agencies’ expertise in each of their areas and covers the different challenges associated with the ageing workforce and...Zobacz więcej
On 15-16 June the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Scotland, in co-operation with partners supporting the Healthy Workplaces campaign including NHS Health Scotland, organised a workshop and webinar to consider the health and...
The workshop targeted young workers from all sectors and included a reflection on the health and safety needs of apprentices, young drivers at work, engaging young workers, hints tips and next steps, and the development of a young workers’ conversation starter toolkit. A key matter that was raised and repeatedly discussed was the importance of young people continuing to learn and sharing their views on health and safety at work. They will also always benefit from mentoring and the good examples...Zobacz więcej
Medicover completed the process of enlarging the office space at the Medicover Office in Warsaw. Due to the dynamic growth of our organization, we are working on further enlarging the area and adapting it to make it a comfortable working environment...
In June 2017 Medicover Company completed the process of enlarging the office space at the Medicover Office in Warsaw. As part of the project, the office space was increased by 450m2 on the 4th floor. In addition to new workplaces, we have also gained three new conference rooms (Gooseberry, Strawberry, Pomegranate). Taking over the 4th floor is the first step to increase the efficiency and flexibility of our office space. Due to the dynamic growth of our organization, we are working on further...Zobacz więcej
On 30-31 May official campaign partner Sofidel held a good practice exchange event at its headquarters in Porcari (Lucca), Italy. A number of campaign partners took part with discussions focusing on what the organisations present are doing to...
EU-OSHA’s official campaign partners (OCPs) come from a variety of sectors across Europe and include companies and associations in both the public and private sectors. Their input is essential to make sure that the message reaches all kinds of workplaces throughout the EU. The event kicked off with a tour of Sofidel ’s papermill and converting facilities where attendees got a first-hand look at some of the innovations introduced by Sofidel to improve workers’ health and safety. Tommaso Valente...Zobacz więcej
At this year’s Good Practice Awards 2 organisations received awards for their commitment to retaining and rehabilitating workers. The good practices adopted by PSA Group and Lujatalo OY have made their workplaces safer and healthier for employees,...
Health issues are the most common factor for leaving the workforce before official retirement age. This coupled with Europe’s ageing workforce means it is becoming imperative for organisations to put in place polices that help retain older workers, as well as to reintegrate those on long-term sick leave. European car manufacturer PSA Group in Spain took a collaborative approach to address the challenges facing their company in relation to the ageing of their workforce. They consulted design,...Zobacz więcej