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Considering psychosocial risks in MSD management

Highlighted throughout the Healthy Workplaces campaign 2020-2022, is how a combination of factors can cause or exacerbate musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) at work. Addressing psychosocial risk factors in MSD prevention measures is essential to creating a healthy and safe work environment.

Our Portuguese national focal point gathers public bodies and occupational safety and health professionals during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work to discuss the correlation between psychosocial risk factors and MSDs.

Moderator: Emília Telo, EU-OSHA Focal Point Coordinator, Authority for Working Conditions (ACT)


  • Adilson Marques, Lecturer, Faculty of Human Motricity, University of Lisbon
  • Ana Pompeiro, Ergonomist, BOSH
  • Teresa Espassandim, Specialist Psychologist and Consultant, Manager of the People and Welfare Centre of the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, E.P.E.
  • Marcelino Pena Costa, Employers Representative on the EU-OSHA Board of Directors, Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal – CCP 
  • Vanda Cruz, Workers' Representative on the EU-OSHA Management Board, General Workers Union - UGT
ACT - Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho