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Regional Secretary at UNI Europa
The campaign will help to increase expertise and awareness on dangerous products in the entire supply chain while taking in account the particularities of the workplaces of each sector.
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UNI Europa is a European trade union federation. It unites trade unions representing the services and skills sectors in 50 different countries. With over 320 affiliated trade union organisations, UNI europa represents seven million workers. European integration and globalisation means that trade unions can no longer be effective if they work solely at only the local or national levels. In order to secure better conditions for their members, unions representing workers in specific industries must act together across Europe and even internationally.
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We already set up a working group amongst affiliate organisations, dedicated to the topic. We will participate in the meetings of the campaign and the activities and contribute with our means. We will also put it on the agenda of the Social Dialogue meetings in commerce on European level.
UNI Global Union
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