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As occupational physicians we are more than interested in the dangerous substances campaign.
Deklaracja misji: 
The mission of the OM Section is to promote the development of the speciality of Occupational Medicine in Europe with the aim to improve the health of the workers.

This would be achieved by:
- supporting and defending the role of OM in society with the aim to promote the health of workers
- influencing EU legislators
- collaborating with appropriate institutions
- ensuring the quality of training and professional practice, and identifying and taking action on common issues
Nasza obietnica w ramach kampanii: 
We will make a fixed agenda point of the campaign in our two-yearly meetings and the campaign will be on our website. The main contribution will be delivered through the activities of our members and the national associations that are represented in our EU association for Occupational Physicians.
UEMS Occupational Medicine section
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