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Organizacja pracowników
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Mission Statement
SMEunited (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) is the employers' organisation representing the interests of European crafts, trades and SMEs at EU level. SMEunited is a recognised European Social Partner and acts on behalf of crafts and SMEs in the European Social Dialogue and in discussions with the EU institutions. Among its objectives, SMEunited strives to keep its members informed on all matters of European Union policy and support them academically, technically and legally on all areas of EU policy including Occupational Safety and Health. SMEunited endeavours to ensure that the interests of crafts and SMEs are taken into account in all legislation that has an impact on them.
Our campaign pledge
SMEunited is committed to support the 'Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load 2020-22' campaign in cooperation with European Social Partners and all relevant stakeholders. We will echo the messages of the campaign with all our members, representing more than 24million SMEs and crafts from more than 30 countries in Europe. Raising awareness on MSDs is a fundamental pillar of healthy workplaces in the future and SMEunited is honoured to support OSHA and the European Commission with their campaign.
Véronique WILLEMS
SMEunited Secretary General
SMEunited supports the ‘Lighten the Load’ campaign, as healthy employees are key. SMEs are highly committed to establish healthy working environments. Preventative measures are the most suitable approach. Measures need to be tailored to the specific risk groups and complemented with good knowhow on Musculoskeletal Disorders starting from an early age. Social partners at the appropriate level together with preventative services play a key role to support Crafts and SMEs to implement the most adapted solutions.
Main contact
Valentina GUERRA
Social Affairs and Training Policy Adviser
+32 2230 7599

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