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European Safety Federation

Organisation Type
Business sector
Mission Statement
To promote health and safety management and culture in the workplace and enhance health and safety awareness along the whole value chain from prevention to protection.
To gain a hearing in legislation, implementation, market surveillance and standardisation mainly in the field of PPE taking into account sustainability.
To harmonise actions in the European countries by close cooperation between national and European level.
Our campaign pledge
Many citizens are confronted with MSDs. It is necessary to continue to spread information and good practices on the subject. The European Safety Federation (ESF) and its members work together with the EU OSHA and partners on this. Specialised suppliers providing advice and training on the selection and use of adequate Personal Protective Equipment and offering good quality PPE on the market are important. ESF supports them in these efforts. Innovative (personal protective) equipment, such as smart PPE or exoskeletons, can contribute to the prevention of MSDs. ESF supports innovation by working on standards and good practices for conformity assessment for these products, so that manufacturers can prove their products are compliant and safe in a transparent and harmonised way.
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Secretary General
MSDs are widespread in the population. The importance of correct workplace layout and well selected equipment cannot be stressed enough to prevent MSDs.
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Secretary General
+32 56701103