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European Firefighters Unions Alliance

Organisation Type
Związek zawodowy
Business sector
Administracja publiczna i obrona narodowa; obowiązkowe ubezpieczenia społeczne
Mission Statement
The European Fire Fighters Unions Alliance (EFFUA) is an international alliance of independent trade unions representing fire fighters which includes unions solely representing fire fighters; and those representing a wider range of occupations, that include fire fighters.
Participating countries affirmed that the EFFUA is part of the European labour movement and shall work in co-operation with the European Trade Union Confederation.
Our campaign pledge
All jobs have their own risks, and as a firefighter you know best what tasks are tearing at your and your colleagues' bodies. EFFUA wants to make a strong contribution and raise these issues and work together to find a solution. It can be anything from aids for heavy lifting to a better and safer workplace.
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Secretary General
Work environment is not about making political points, it is about joint and extremely important work for a good and sustainable working life. For everyone to feel safe and feel good at work, it is important to have a good work environment. The ultimate responsibility is the employer's, but it is important that everyone knows their rights and obligations in order to be able to contribute and make reasonable demands.

I am proud that our organization can continue to contribute to new Healthy Workplaces Campaign ''Lighten the Load 2020-22''
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Secretary General
+358 98678880

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