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European Builders Confederation

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Mission Statement
The European Builders Confederation - EBC - is the Voice of Construction SMEs in Europe. EBC is a European non-profit professional organisation representing national associations of construction craftsmen and micro to medium-sized enterprises at the European level. With 18 members from 15 European countries, EBC sits on the European Social Dialogue Committee of Construction as an Observer. EBC is a member of UEAPME (the European association of micro-enterprises and SMEs), on behalf of which it chairs the UEAPME Construction Forum. EBC is also a partner and founder of Small Business Standards, the European organisation representing SMEs in the standardisation community.
Our campaign pledge
EBC believes the dissemination of high-quality information and raising awareness about the importance of a healthy and safety environment will help the prevention of risks related to dangerous substances and exposures to carcinogens at work. Through awareness raising activities it is possible to provide tailored information as well as examples of good practices to people that are at higher risks as well as those who are not aware of the issue, specially construction SME professionals. By working together with other campaign partners, we believe we can build a strong risk prevention culture and build a better understanding about the dangerous substances that oftentimes are not enough well-perceived. The joint efforts and actions in this campaign will further help to build a strong risk prevention culture that will protect workers, visitors, staff and everyone else who may be exposed to dangerous substances at work.
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Patrick LIÉBUS
EBC President
''Raising awareness and sharing information about the importance of the occupational safety and health at work is literally vital to workers and employers involved in the construction sector. By increasing professionals' knowledge, exchanging national and local good practices and providing adapted help to construction SMEs, we will build a strong risk prevention culture and create safer and healthier environments.''
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Head of Safety
+32 25142323

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