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Bayer AG

Organisation Type
Przedsiębiorstwo prywatne
Business sector
Działalność profesjonalna, naukowa i techniczna
Mission Statement
Our vision ''Health for all, Hunger for none'' with its focus on innovation and sustainability as a leading life science company is based on values and behaviors that enable our employees to fulfill our purpose of ''Science for a Better Life''. Our four LIFE values - leadership, integrity, flexibility and efficiency - are each represented by three attributes that define what is expected of everyone at Bayer.
Our campaign pledge
We believe in the responsible use of resources. We collaborate with partners and we engage in projects that deliver on what is most important: ensuring our employees’ positive well-being, safeguarding our workplace, protecting the environment and our communities from potential risks and hazards. We are fully aligned with the campaign’s objective and message.
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Chairman of the Board of Management of Bayer AG
“Nothing is worth getting hurt for. At Bayer, we care for the safety, health, and wellbeing of people, from our customers to patients and communities. Protecting the health of our employees is at our core. We provide for a safe and healthy working environment and work relentlessly on preventing work-related accidents and illnesses with a comprehensive risk management.”
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+34 638318772

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