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EFNMS Chairman's promotional activities for EU-OSHA Campaign

Dr. George Scroumpelos, EFNMS Chairman, is promoting the beneficial actions of EU-OSHA and the Campaign HEALTHY WORKPLACES LIGHTEN THE LOAD 2020-22, through a variety of Linkedin posts and interactive educational and informative ations, that explain to the participants the importance of Health and Safety at work and raise awareness of employees. All training actions are also available on RMS Youtube Channel. 

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The Chairman and his team are also distributing the "LIGHTEN THE LOAD Campaign Promotional Material" to relevant organisations and companies, to convey the message of body and mental health at workplaces. All parties that have been involved in this promoting experience, have showed great interest and have trully embrassed the effort of EU OSHA as well as the message of the Campaign. This promoting actions have really made a difference on employees' perception of their well being!

George Skroumpelos• CEO RMS Greece/ CRM Cyprus HSE Consulting/ Chairman of EFNMS


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Bearing a multi role as a member of the EU-OSHA Steering Group, the Chairman of the H&S and Environmental Committee of EFNMS that is a Campaign partner, the CEO of RMS HSE Consulting in Greece and DGS CRM HSE Consulting in Cyprus, we have received and distributing the LIGHTEN THE LOAD Campaign Promotional Material to all interested parties bearing the appropriate Safety Culture; on the 26th of October, copies of this material were handed out to the Group Administration Manager / Health & Safety Officer of Hyperion Group in Cyprus, Ms Angie Hadjicosta. If anyone is interested in receiving the folder material pls contact us at
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There is no profession in which MSD is not an issue H&S Professionals could ignore. EU-OSHA's "Lighten the Load" Campaign pinpoints the importance of raising the level of awareness in all operations even the ones considered bearing low risk; INDITEX, representing well-known brand names like ZARA, OYSHO, PULL&BEAR, BERSHKA, STRADIVARIUS, MASSIMO DUTTI and ZARA HOME organized an event to support the EU-OSHA Campaign which was combined with a training session to Store Managers; THANK YOU INDITEX for supporting the EU-OSHA Campaign of MSD's and for raising awareness to your employees. The training session is available on Risk Management System You Tube Channel             
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