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Bridgestone EMIA dedicates week to ergonomics and MSDs in the workplace

Official campaign partner Bridgestone EMIA, organised daily events over the second week of March to introduce its workforce to the importance of ergonomics, discuss innovative ways to tackle musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and address the impact of digitalisation on health and safety.

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As part of the company’s own campaign to promote resilience in this time of COVID-19, Bridgestone decided to kick-off their partnership with the Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign (HWC) with a whole week focused on educating staff working in their offices, plants, warehouses and shops on ergonomics and MSDs in the workplace.

A dedicated intranet page for staff was set up featuring a wide range of informational material (events, leaflets, infographics, videos etc.) on MSDs in multiple languages, most of which can be found on the HWC website. The week began with an introductory session on the basics of ergonomics and a live game on Monday, and concluded on Friday with an award ceremony celebrating the game’s winners. On the other days, interviews with board members and breakout sessions involved all EMIA sites.

Bridgestone EMIA’s local teams, plants, warehouses and retailers were also encouraged to organise events, such as information sessions, taking into account the experiences of local employee groups who can add country-specific insights and provide training to their peers. More than 30 local events including webinars, breakout sessions and field-based coaching were organised, which also involved external phsysiotherapists and trainers.

Finally, dedicated sessions for Bridgestone’s engineering and design teams were organised to explore designing ergonomic machinery. To ensure the involvement of employees at all levels, plant managers, Health, safety and environmental (HSE) managers and company doctors also took part in the activites.

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