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Greece - Boost awareness of dangerous substances at work

“Theodoros Aggelopoulos” theatreKalamata Greece

The aim of the event is to boost awareness of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign among local audiences, and to share information about safety and health at work.

Speakers explain the aim and objectives of the campaign to establish a culture of risk prevention in all workplaces. They present the existing occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation and discuss how its proper implementation can help minimise accidents caused by hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

in an effort to build safer and healthier working environments and reduce harmful exposures, speakers introduce safe ways to handle dangerous substances such as clinical waste, asbestos and wood dust.


  • Ioannis Konstantakopoulos, National Focal Point Manager, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Apostolos Mansoudis, Chemist, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Chrisitna Ktisti, Disease Control Nurse, Head of clinical waste, Kalamata Health Unit
  • Efthymios Thanasias, Occupational doctor
  • Fotis Moschopoulos, Civil Engineer, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Georgios Gourzoulidis, PhD, Medical Physicist, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Ilias Gazis, Chemist, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Ioannis Theofilopoulos, Chemical Engineer; Safety Technician
  • Konstantinos Agrapidas, General Director of Labour Relations, Safety & Health at Work and Integration into work, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Stella Markatou, Mechanical Engineer; Safety Technician
  • Thomas Iliopoulos, Civil Engineer; Safety Technician
  • Vasileios Spyropoulos, Mechanical Engineer; Safety Technician
Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity
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