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Estonia - Hazardous substances in the workplace - how to assess the risks

Baltic Station Tallinn Estonia

This seminar discusses the management of hazardous substances within the framework of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign. It focuses on effective risk assessment and management in the context of creating safe and healthy working environments.

Speakers discuss how to identify hazardous chemicals. They explain that exposure can occur through inhalation, skin penetration or ingestion, and cause long-term health issues. To prevent work-related diseases, speakers demonstrate how to effectively carry out risk assessments of dangerous chemicals. They proceed with the assessment of three different chemicals to help participants gain practical knowledge and the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the procedure.

Finally, speakers share their knowledge on successfully preparing an ideal case of creating a risk analysis of the hazardous substances that can be found in different industries.


  • Silja Soon, Head of Occupational Health Surveillance, Labour Inspectorate of Estonia
  • Piret Kaljula, Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) consultant, Labour Inspectorate of Estonia
Labour Inspectorate of Estonia (Tööinspektsioon)
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