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Mission Statement
Generali Employee Benefits Network is a strategic unit of the Generali Group dedicated to provide employers with insurance solutions for their workforce (employee benefits). We enable companies to protect employees and their families with solutions such as life, accident and disability, healthcare and retirement plans. We coordinate international benefits programs for organisations operating across multiple countries, helping them adapt to different jurisdictions and ensure consistent benefits strategies worldwide. Over the last 50 years we have supported companies’ success by effectively protecting their human capital, thus contributing to sustainable growth and positive impact on the community.
Our campaign pledge
We are delighted to align our efforts with the campaign platform and work together with its partners to extend opportunities and enlarge the visibility on the topic of managing the risks of dangerous substances in the workplace to sustain and promote a safe workplace for organisations in Europe.
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Sergio DI CARO
CEO Generali Employee Benefits Network
“GEB is proud to support the latest EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces Campaign on managing the risks of dangerous substances. More common in workplaces across Europe than most people think, exposure to dangerous substances is linked to acute and long-term health and wellbeing issues, not to mention the more immediate safety risks associated. This is an important topic that needs highlighting in order to ensure that risks are identified and managed, thereby improving the health and safety of European employees and, in turn, safeguarding communities.”
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Generali Employee Benefits Network - GEB
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