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Official Campaign Partners

European Work Hazards Network

Organisation Type
Business sector
Faglig, vitenskapelig og teknisk tjenesteyting
Mission Statement
We are scientists skilled in improving health and safety standards.
We are Occupational Health specialists.
We are policy makers working in labour inspectorates, employed by private companies, working with Trade Unions responsible for the improvement of working environments.
We are Trade Union activists, Works Council Representatives interested in the improvement of working conditions and standards regarding health and safety and the well-being of workers.
We are interested in technical and human relations issues concerning the improvement of working environments and working conditions.
We are first and foremost citizens who are aware that we have to make the improvements we want and need, and we have to make them ourselves, together with other workers, researchers, scientists and policy makers.
Our campaign pledge
EWHN aims to contribute to the Campaign success both by being involved in Campaign events and directly organizing specific events concerning Campaign themes and goals throughout European Countries.
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European Secretary
As European Network of Experts in Health and Safety at work, we strongly support EU-OSHA Campaigns since 2015. Therefore we confirm our commitments, and we are proud to take part as Official Partner in the new 2020-2022 ''Lighten the Load'' Campaign.
Main contact
European Secretary
+39 0521336184

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