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Retire Vitaly


An ageing population means an ageing workforce. This brings specific challenges for health organizations and their professionals. Our fast growing segment has a large share in problems related to vitality and employability, as well as sick leave and incapacitation. This has a personal impact first of all, but brings also a substantial and multiple societal burden. Due to the same factor ageing, especially for the healthcare sector this is an increasing burden.
For professionals, employers, the health care system and also for pension funds or insurers, this comes with increasing costs. There is a rationale to prevent this negative trend as much as we can.
All stakeholders above have a common interest and the consequences of inaction for all of them – in fact all of us – are huge. AEIP, Humanis, Tela, PFZW and PGGM are convinced that combining forces is crucial for improvement. In our view, this starts with insight and sharing good practices. To find each other and collaborate for solutions will then be the next step.

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