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Managing Director
Dangerous substances are a concern for us due the health equity perspective. We know that certain workers and workplaces are more susceptible to the misuse of dangerous substances and we must work together to improve health and wellbeing for all.
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EuroHealthNet is a not-for-profit partnership of bodies publicly responsible across the European Union for health promotion, public health and disease prevention measures, and particularly addressing health and social inequities. EuroHealthNet aims to stimulate and support actions addressing the Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities and ultimately contribute to better health for European citizens. We collaborate with a great variety of stakeholders, such as our members, decision-makers and policy-makers at EU, national and regional level as well as the broader community of academic institutions.
Our strategic purpose is:
• To improve the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age
• To promote sustainable economic, social and health equity
• To address priority public health conditions and determinants
• To measure problems and understand solutions.
Our work and the services that we provide rest on three pillars:
- Health Promotion Europe (HPE);
- The European Centre for Innovation, Research and Implementation for Health and Well-Being (CIRI);
- The EU Platform for Action on Health and Social Equity (PHASE).
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We pledge to prioritse the promotion of a heighten awareness of risks linked to exposures to carcinogens at work particularly for the lower paid.
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