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SAP launches a Lighten the Load programme to help employees manage MSDs

Official campaign Partner SAP has rolled out a toolkit for its employees, providing information, tips and good practice advice on managing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and on what they can do to lighten their own load.


Following a successful pilot exercise with employees and taking into account their feedback, SAP’s set of activities – launched to coincide with the World Mental Health Day (10 October) and EU-OSHA’s European Week for Safety and Health (25-29 October) – includes:

  • A practical toolkit for people to experience and discover new ways to lighten the load;
  • Information and tips on stress and prolonged sitting, major risk factors identified for SAP employees;
  • Fun and engaging sub themes:
    • Work Shouldn’t be a Pain!
    • Your De-Stress Formula
    • Commit to be Fit

Their Lighten the Load programme also encourages staff to transition from self-awareness to action by fostering healthy habits through awareness webinars, ergonomics and physiotherapy demonstrations, exercise classes, mindfulness, activity challenges, 1-to-1 consultations, and self-paced online resources.

And SAP are not stopping there! They are also collaborating with their network of 40+ global health ambassadors to brainstorm on how to sustain this campaign globally and in their individual locations in 2022 and beyond.