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Discussing case studies on innovative occupational risk prevention

This conference aimed to encourage participants to actively implement prevention measures that reduce workplace accidents and diseases, highlighting the advantages gained from investing in occupational risk prevention. By using innovative measures, such as sensors and cameras in drones to measure physical and chemical agents, workers can be protected more effectively.

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Taking place in Málaga on 18 October and co-organised by the Social Security service Mutua Universal, the Prevention and Corporate Social Responsibility department of the University of Málaga (UMA) and the School of Industrial Engineers, speakers discussed occupational risk prevention measures for different companies and sectors. They focused on a variety of Occupational Safety and Health topics including mental health, innovative information and communication technologies.  

Federico Artola, from the Prevention Unit of SANDO, one EU-OSHA’s official campaign partners, presented new technologies to prevent occupational risks in the construction and service sectors, and highlighted the objectives of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign and its activities concerned with promoting a culture of risk prevention across Europe. Showcasing an example of innovative technologies, Artola explained how drones are used to monitor safety on construction sites, using sensors and cameras that can measure chemical and physical agents, such as noise, or dangerous substances like gas or smoke, all in real-time. He emphasised that the use of drones would ensure the safety of large construction areas. As soon as the drones identify risks, alerts are automatically sent to workers, enabling them to employ timely protection measures.

Finally, speakers discussed the best practices of Spanish organisations who have successfully implemented risk prevention measures to protect their workers.