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European Chemical Employers Group

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The European Chemical Employers Group partners with the campaign to raise awareness on active and participatory safety and health management of dangerous substances in the workplace in the European chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics industries.
ECEG's mission is to successfully carry out social affairs activities and to conduct social dialogue on behalf of our members, which are national employers’ associations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics sectors in Europe.
Mūsų kampanijos šūkis: 
The ECEG will disseminate campaign materials among its 18 national member associations and their members, i.e. companies. We will organise a workshop dedicated to the campaign together with our social partner industriAll Europe and add the subject to our internal and SSDC meeting agendas. The ECEG will promote good practices and participate in the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards together with its social partner and members.
European Chemical Employers Group
Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80
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