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Portugal - Safe, healthy and happy workplaces for all ages

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This event kicks off by highlighting the importance of sustainable work, enabling workers to perform well and in good health throughout their whole working lives.

Speakers underline the significance of happiness at work and its effects on workers’ health and productivity. They also give insights into the Portuguese Association of OSH Managers, evaluating the effectiveness of OSH services.

The event concludes with a reflection on best practices by various companies from different sectors such as agriculture, mining, furniture production and the textile and shoe industry. The examples focus on measures implemented to improve the safety and health of ageing workforces.


  • Emília Telo, National Focal Point Manager, Autoridade para as Condiçôes do Trabalho (ACT)
  • Pedro Pimenta Braz, Inspector General, Autoridade para as Condiçôes do Trabalho (ACT)
  • Isabel Vieira, Director, Autoridade para as Condiçôes do Trabalho (ACT)
  • Celso Ferreira, Mayor, Câmara Municipal de Paredes
  • Isabel Paiva de Sousa, Professor, Porto Business School
  • Cristina Contente, President, National Association of OSH Managers (ANTESHT)
  • Nuno Sousa, Safety management, IKEA Industry Portugal
  • Joana Silva, OSH Manager, M. dos Santos & C.ª S.A
  • Maria Manuel Ferreira, Safety management, AveledaS.A.
Autoridade para as Condiçôes do Trabalho
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