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EFNMS & Greek Focal Point joint hybrid event on "Workplace MSD - Management and Prevention"

EFNMS co-hosted a two-hour hybrid event with the Greek Focal Point, under the title “Workplace MSD - Management and prevention”. The event was organized in the framework of supporting the EU-OSHA “2020-2022 Lighten the Load” Campaign and was held on December 5th 2022 at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs in Athens.


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In the framework of the EFNMS and EU-OSHA cooperation to support the “Lighten the Load” Campaign, Dr. George Scroubelos - EFNMS HSE Committee Chairman and member of the EU-OSHA Steering Group – along with his group in RMS EXYPP, co-organized an event with the Greek Focal Point (the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), where presentations were made on:

  • the psychosocial risks and MSD’s,
  • the use of the EU-OSHA’s body mapping tool,
  • the research results on MSD’s in the EU, as well as
  • the Good Practices awarded during the Bilbao EU-OSHA Summit.

The event concluded by a Workshop presentation of how employees could organize their desk (working area) in order to facilitate the adoption of the ideal ergonomic posture.