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Sweden – Balancing work with recovery: preventing MSDs among workers

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) represent a critical problem in Europe. The sixth European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) found that 58% of workers experienced some form of MSD during the preceding 12 months.

To introduce EU-OSHA’s new Healthy Workplaces ‘Lighten the Load’ campaign, and reveal the findings of the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise’s own research into the topic, the Swedish Focal Point is organising an online seminar on 23 October. Speakers discuss the problem of MSDs, how physical work such as heavy lifting, strenuous working postures and repetitive actions can contribute to the problem, and how to strike a safe and healthy balance between work and recovery.

The seminar is broadcast online and participants are encouraged to use the webchat feature to ask questions to the panel.


  • Fredrik Hedlund, Regional Manager at the Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Heli Aarnipuro, Inspector at the Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Cecilia Berlin, Associate Professor at the Department of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science at Chalmers University
  • Sten Haage, Senior Consultant and Partner, StrandbergHaage AB
  • Svend Erik Mathiesen, Professor of Stress Injury Research, University of Gälve

Contact person: Pernilla BJÄRNE -

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise