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Promoting basic OSH principles and musculoskeletal health in tertiary education... with Napo and a smile!

The Greek Focal Point is organising this online training seminar on 18 May 2022 in cooperation with the Department of Public and Community Health (School of Public Health, University of West Attica) on basic principles of occupational safety and health (OSH), with an emphasis on the promotion of good musculoskeletal health in the framework of the EU-OSHA Lighten the Load campaign 2020-22 and with the help of Napo... and a smile.

The event is aimed at undergraduate students and teaching personnel from the organising department. The attendees will be introduced to a range of critical aspects to learn about OSH (importance, principles, national legislation, risk factors, risk assessment study), they will learn about the basic elements of the Lighten the Load campaign and about promotion of good musculoskeletal health. Participants will also be introduced to the story of Napo and the OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) programme/tools.



  • Dr. Ioannis Konstantakopoulos, PhD, Mining & Metallurgy Engineer, member of the Management Board of EU-OSHA and Head of the Department of the National Focal Point & OSH Promotion Policies (FOP manager of EU-OSHA), Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - Directorate for Safety & Health at Work
  • Dr. Georgios Gourzoulidis, PhD, Medical Physicist, Department of the Center for OSH Research and OSH Measurements for the Determination of the Detrimental OSH Factors, Directorate for Health and Safety at Work, Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs



Opening by prof. Pinelopi Sotiropoulou

1st session:

  • The significance of Health and Safety at Work, the basic OSH principles and national OSH legislation
  • The main categories of OSH hazards and risks and introduction to the risk assessment study

2nd session:

  • The educational programme 'Napo for OSH... with a smile' and the new training material 'Napo in the workplace - Understanding MSDs'
  • The objectives and priorities of the HWC 2020-2022 on work-related MSDs
  • Prevention of work-related MSDs and management of chronic MSDs
  • Sedentary work, telework, work-related stress and MSDs

3rd session:

  • Presentation of the OiRA programme and tools
  • Learning the use of an OiRA tool by demonstrating the specific modules related to MSDs prevention


Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs