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Musculoskeletal injuries and telework - public and private organisational solutions

While teleworking has some positives for workers’ health, such as providing a better work-life balance and avoiding the time and stress of commuting, it may also lead to an increased risk of developing MSDs. In order to address this important issue, the Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho has organised this online event. 


Musculoskeletal injuries (SCI) associated with telecommuting often affect the lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and wrists. With multifactorial origins, they are related to ergonomic, organisational, environmental, and psychosocial aspects. At this event, attendees have the opportunity to hear from two organisations, one public and one private, about how they dealt with and intend to deal with this situation and learn more about the SCI risk factors associated with teleworking and how to prevent or minimize them. 


This event on 11th May is ideal for health delegates and people working for national public bodies (including labour inspectorates). It addresses a type of work that more and more Europeans are engaged in and that is important for occupational safety and health professionals to know about. 



  • Raquel Silva, Occupational Nurse at Farfetch 
  • Teresa Cotrim, Coordinator of the FMH Research Project at Sintra City Council 
  • Vítor Reis, Head of the Occupational Health and Safety Division at Sintra City Council 
Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho