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Hungary – Tackling MSDs in the workplace through prevention and best practice

MSDs are preventable and manageable, and a wide range of practical tips and best practice are out there to help workplaces get started.

On 28 April, the Hungarian focal point is holding an online conference to promote the messages of the Healthy Workplaces campaign, explain the merits of early prevention and provide practical advice and tips on tackling MSDs in the workplace.

Insights are provided by medical, labour safety and occupational medicine experts from the public and private sectors. The 100 or so participants – representing occupational safety and healthcare professionals, company representatives and experts from both the public and the private sectors – also commemorate the Memorial Day of workers injured and deceased at work during a ceremonial candle lighting.


  • Katalin Balogh, National Focal Point Manager
  • Péter Nesztinger, Head of the Labour Safety Department at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology
  • Gábor Borhidi, National Occupational Safety and Health Committee Representative of Employers
  • István Mandrik, National Occupational Safety and Health Committee Representative of Employers
  • Peter Olah, Managing director at PR-ego Kft
  • Dr. Annamária Somhegyi, Director of prevention, rheumatology and physiotherapy specialist at the National Center for Spinal Disorders
  • Dr. Zsuzsa Fekete, Rheumatologist and occupational medicine specialist at the National Center for Public Health
  • Tamás Nagy, Occupational hygiene and safety specialist at the National Police Headquarters, HR Directorate
  • Lajos Székely, Owner and Director of development at AXS Motionsystem Ltd.
  • Dr. Zsolt Hegedűs, Orthopedic surgeon and co-Head of the Orthopaedic Department at Wáberer Medical Center   
Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Department of Occupational Safety and Health
Budapest; online Hungary