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Exploring the connection between mental stress at work and MSDs

Gathering psychologists, occupational psychologists and occupational physicians in Vienna on 24 June, the Austrian Ministry of Labour and partners are hosting an event that focuses on the connection between mental stress at work and musculoskeletal disorders.

Keynote speakers will present several core topics, including the influence of psychological factors on health, such as low esteem and lack of recognition, as well as the importance of strong, positive leadership. 

Participants will then break out into different workshops to discuss further how professional knowledge can be used to guide and implement prevention strategies. Practical examples of successful and unsuccessful projects will also be analysed.  

Moderator: Karin Bauer, Chief of the daily print production The Standard and Editor of Career, Education & Leadership 


  • Mag. Dr. Martin Kocher, Federal Minister for Labour 
  • Anna Ritzberger-Moser, Department Head, Ministry of Labour 
  • Martina Häckel-Bucher, FoP, Deputy Department Head, Ministry of Labour 
  • Julia Steurer, Labour Inspection Austria 
  • Natascha Klinser, clinical and health psychologist, A&O psychologist, head of the specialist section for work, business and organisational psychology in the BÖP 
  • Andrea Birbaumer, health psychologist, A&O psychologist, chairwoman of the GkPP, head of the A&O psychology department 
  • Maria-Luise Schöne, occupational and organisational psychologist, head of the “Manage Health” Institute 
  • Anna Keclik, work and organisational psychologist, managing partner of LAC-Lebensraum Arbeit Consulting GmbH 
  • Elisabeth Ponocny-Seliger, clinical and health psychologist, work psychologist, coaching and gender & diversity research 
Austrian Ministry of Labour, Austrian Professional Association for Psychology, BÖP - Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists and GkPP - Society of Critical Psychologists
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