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Experts come together to discuss the causes of MSDs and prevention measures

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most significant work-related health problem is Europe, with three out of five employees affected. There are numerous causes including physical, organisational and psychosocial factors which can act individually or in combination.

To highlight the different aspects of MSDs, the Austrian focal point is organising an event which brings together experts in occupational medicine, ergonomics and occupational psychology. Speakers discuss the theoretical background of MSDs, preventive measures and the correlation between physical and psychosocial factors. The experts also give practical insights and present best practice examples.

Taking place physically in Vienna as well as online, the event is targeted at occupational physicians, experts in prevention measures and experts in working and organisational psychology. The event includes a question-and-answer session for participants to get involved.


  • Anna Ritzberger-Moser, Department Head at the Ministry of Labour
  • Andrea Birbaumer, Head of GkPP – association of psychologists
  • Andrea Kernmayer, Ministry of Labour and Labour Inspection Austria
  • Anna Geroldinger, Department Head of the medical team from Labour Inspection Austria
  • Ernst Piller, Ministry of Labour and Labour Inspection Austria
  • Julia Steurer, Ministry of Labour and Labour Inspection Austria
  • Manuela Sagmüller, Clinical psychologist
  • Rene Schhnalzer, Assistant Medical Head of the work-related medical centre of VAMED
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