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Belgium - Standardisation in the spotlight during SME Safety Annual meeting

Rue du Commerce 123BrusselsBelgium

At their annual meeting, EU-OSHA’s official campaign partner SME Safety gathers experts to discuss the needs of small companies in relation to European (CEN) and International (ISO) standards, in the domain of personal protective equipment (PPE) and Textile Care. They also share information about on-going activities related to the development of specific standards and other relevant initiatives.

Speakers, including Guido Sabatini from SME Safety, kick off with a discussion on how to best represent the interests of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) when setting of EU regulations and standards. The following session looks specifically at the EU’s PPE regulation on standardisation in support of new legislation and the SME contribution to the issue. A panel session rounds off the morning with experts in the field discussing how to meet the needs of SMEs in the implementation of PPE and Textile Care legislation and standards.

After lunch, Brenda O’Brien from EU-OSHA presents the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign, highlighting the need to guide SMEs in the proper handling of dangerous substances to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for all workers. This is followed by a session that looks at how to reach out to national SME associations in Europe, active in the PPE and textile sectors. The forum concludes with a look at the upcoming activities for 2019 in the field.


  • Brenda O’Brien, Manager of the Brussels liaison office, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
  • Guido Sabatini, Project Manager, SME Safety
  • Andreas Schumacher, Director, German Textile Cleaning Association (DTV)
  • Mario Gabrielli, DG GROW, European Commission
  • Alberto Spasciani, Expert respiratory protective devices, Small Business Standards (SBS)
  • Romano Moscatelli, Expert respiratory devices, SBS
  • Andrea Rechsteiner, Expert protective clothing against heat and fire, foul weather and cold, SBS
  • Sven Schöppe, Standardisation expert protective clothing against hazardous biological agents, SBS 
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