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SME Safety

Organizzazione di datori di lavoro
Mission Statement
SME Safety is the European association of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) that manufacture safety products.

SME Safety is an interest group active in the EU policy and standardization debate and promotes the interests of European SMEs in the safety sector.

Our objective is to increase the health and safety culture in workplaces and raise awareness about health and safety measures in confined spaces, where dangerous substances can have a great likelihood of causing fatalities, severe
injuries and illness.
Our campaign pledge
Our organisation will contribute to making this campaign a joint success by : - distributing information about the campaign to our members and network; - Regularly mention the campaign when presenting the profile of our association during public and private events.
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As SMEs manufacturing personal protective equipment, we do believe that a prevention culture is the key to achieve healthier workplaces all over Europe.

Our companies can play a key role to share the knowledge that is needed to succesfully adopt safety measures and face different types of risks.

That's why we welcome this initiative and are willing to contribute to its success.
Main Contacts
Head of Safety
+32 028955721
SME Safety
Rue du Commerce 123