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The Groupe PSA designs unique automotive experiences and delivers mobility solutions to meet all client expectations. The Group PSA has five car brands, Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall, as well as a wide array of mobility and smart services under its Free2Move brand, aiming to become a great carmaker and the preferred mobility provider. It is an early innovator in the field of autonomous and connected cars. It is also involved in financing activities through Banque PSA Finance and in automotive equipment via Faurecia. Find out more at
Our campaign pledge
Groupe PSA wants to strengthen its partnership with EU-OSHA on a highly relevant topic for our societies, companies and team members. It is a great opportunity to highlight internally the work that has already been done on this topic and to continue on this way by learning from the other Partners.
CEO, Human Resources & Transformation Division (Digital/IT/ Real Estate) EVP
This campaign has a special resonance in the context of the global health crisis we are going through. And better than any speech, this crisis reminds us of 2 important things:

•Health and safety is the first and fundamental pillar in order to maintain our activities and functions.
•We all have a role to play to preserve ourselves and others. So more than ever, our signature ''We All Care'' makes sense.

This policy, which is VERY strong within our company, has led us to quickly put into place a reinforced health protocol, defined with the social partners, and deployed at all the Group's sites.

Today, we remain mobilised at the highest level and I am counting on all of you to remain vigilant: your health is our priority.

As we have seen, distance working - for all employees whose activity allows it - is a formidable tool in the context of this health crisis.
It enables many of our employees to continue their activity while meeting the need to distance themselves from the situation - thus providing greater well-being, efficiency and agility.

This new way of working will be extended both inside and outside our company and we will apply the same rigor to prevent health and safety risks. I am thinking in particular of:
•musculoskeletal disorders,
•or psycho-social risks, particularly due to greater isolation.

For this reason, we have chosen to focus our attention on these specific topics to illustrate the company's commitment to prevention and the attention paid to each individual.

We must all pay greater attention to each of our colleagues in order to combine the performance of the company with respect and well-being at work for each and every one.
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Medical Coordinator for Europe
+33 (0) 1 57 59 46 26

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