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European Association of Paritarian Institutions

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Business sector
Mission Statement
AEIP represents and promotes the paritarian social protection schemes, which are established and managed jointly by employers and trade unions on the basis of collective agreements. Our members provide different social protection services, such as pension, healthcare, health and safety insurances and paid holidays schemes. Many of them operate in the construction sector and are responsible for providing training on health and safety as well as insurances in the case of accidents at work.
Our campaign pledge
AEIP is an umbrella organisation that operates at EU level and focuses specifically on topics related to health and safety at work and sustainable workplaces. Therefore, our intention is to promote the messages of the campaign among Brussels-based stakeholders (such as officials from the Council and members of the European Parliament) in the meetings that we regularly hold with them. We intend to encourage the same dissemination at national level as well, through the work of our members. The topic of health and safety is already included in our work plan for 2021, as this is a key area for our members operating in the construction sector. We will include the specific theme of the campaign in the strategic objectives of our working group and organise a workshop on the MSDs. Moreover, we intend to distribute the informational material we receive among our members: as some of them provide training on health and safety, they will include this material as a part of their courses and advertise the work that the Agency does in this regard. As an additional point, we will invite representatives of EU-OSHA to update the AEIP members during the working group meetings of our work stream on the construction sector. As a last point, we will invite EU-OSHA’s representatives as speakers to all upcoming AEIP conferences wherever the campaign could be relevant, and its results could be promoted at the European and national levels.
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Executive Director
AEIP’s main responsibility is to promote polices at the EU level that ensure a good level of social protection coverage for all workers. This includes providing access to a safe and healthy working environment. As a representative of the paritarian schemes in Europe, we are aware that this is a shared priority for both employers and workers and we welcome all initiatives that will contribute to the design and promotion of relevant best practices.
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Main Contact
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