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ISHCCO - International Safety & Health

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Dangerous substances are hidden killers. From toxic fumes to all types of dust within the atmosphere from we breathe this campaign is long overdue.
The construction industry does not have asbestos under complete control nor does it manage, in a completely satisfactory manner, other hazardous substances. This campaign is timely, and if it does nothing other than to raise awareness levels, it will be a good campaign in which to belong and promote.
Izjava o misiji: 
To promote excellence in the education, training, and professional development of those engaged in construction safety and health risk management and/or the co-ordination of safety and health in construction within the member states of the EU.
Obveza naše kampanje: 
We pledge to not only to raise awareness levels within society, especially within the construction enterprise community, about the hazards to health that dangerous substances do create, but also we pledge to provide examples that demonstrate the best of good practices to eliminate or reduce these hazards within everyday use. And it will start with upskilling designer's knowledge to avoid or not to specify any product or process that contains or creates a dangerous substance for someone to ingest.
ISHCCO - International Safety & Health
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