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European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety

Stručne, znanstvene i tehničke aktivnosti
Mission Statement
ETPIS VISION: By 2020, industrial safety performance shall have progressively improved by 25 per cent (baseline year 2006) in terms of reduction of reportable accidents at work and occupational diseases, environmental incidents and accident related production losses. It will have developed an “incident elimination” culture where safety is embedded in design, maintenance, operation and management at all levels in enterprises. By 2020 there will be structured self regulated programmes in all major industry sectors which have firm, measurable performance targets for accident elimination equating to an annual reduction rate of 5 per cent. Accident free mind set workplaces will become the norm by 2020. This will contribute in a major way to sustainable growth for all industry in Europe and improvement of social welfare.
Our campaign pledge
Knowledge on dangerous substances is the basis for risk assessment and risk management. ETPIS actively supports EU-OSHA through the Campaign on dangerous substances to better protect the workers and prevent industrial accidents.
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Olivier SALVI
Secretary General of ETPIS
Better knowledge on dangerous substances prevent accidents and illnesses. This is the basis for better safety.
Main Contacts
Olivier SALVI
Head of Safety
European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety
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