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European Solvents Industry Group

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Cornelia TIETZ
ESIG Director General
We are looking forward to support this campaign with the associations best practices and tools developed together with and for our main downstream users to assure safe handling and use of solvents
Izjava o misiji: 
Our mission is to support the sustainable and responsible use of oxygenated and hydrocarbon solvents through dialogue, information sharing and solutions that address health, safety and environmental aspects.
Promote implementation of Responsible Care through the supply chain.
Promote safety in the workplace and best practice in the use of solvents.
Obveza naše kampanje: 
By promoting the campaign via all our printed and electronic channels, by encouraging our member companies to directly participate, linking relevant events from our sector directly to the campaign and by hopefully being able to share our best practice and experiences at campaign related events.
European Solvents Industry Group
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Cornelia TIETZ
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Cornelia TIETZ