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European Firefighters Unions Alliance

Javna uprava i obrana; obvezno socijalno osiguranje
Mission Statement
The European Fire Fighters Unions Alliance (EFFUA) is an international alliance of independent trade unions representing fire fighters which includes unions solely representing fire fighters; and those representing a wider range of occupations, but including fire fighters.
Participating countries affirmed that the EFFUA is part of the European labour movement and shall work in co-operation with the European Trade Union Confederation.
Our campaign pledge
World Health Organization WHO noted more than 10 years ago that firefighters are overrepresented in some cancerous diseases. When it comes to cancer in testicles, prostate, liver, blood and brain, the risk is to be twice as high as the rest of the population, according to international research. When the WHO made an alarm, EFFUA, together with other firefighter trade unions, launched action projects and was also working to develop new and preventive working methods. This is now spreading to firefighters around the world. Working methods are aimed at creating a good working environment by simple means and reduce the amount of health hazardous substances to which firefighters are exposed. One of the working methods is known as ''Healthy Firefighters'' and was awarded the 2011 in Good Practice Award by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. EFFUA hopes to be able to continue with information campaigns and train Europe's firefighters together with more actors to reduce the risk of cancer. .
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Secretary General
Its important that European firefighters have the highest standards of safety regulation all this through the adoption of safe working practices, staffing standards and the provision of the best available equipment.
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European Firefighters Unions Alliance
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